August 24, 2020;  Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook names the top CEOs in New Mexico for 2020.  The top CEO for legal services is Agnes Fuentevilla Padilla.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — If leadership is best learned under pressure, 2020 has been a master course unto itself.

Honorees of the Journal’s 2020 Top CEOs, like community leaders in every sector, have had to adjust on the fly not once this year, but again and again. They’ve had to find new ways to relate to and communicate with their employees, their clients, their suppliers, their neighbors. They’ve faced an economy in turmoil, and managed staff who have been preoccupied with the same worries so many of us have been experiencing in recent months: What if my elderly parent gets sick? What if I get laid off? How am I supposed to do my job and be a homeschooling parent at the same time? Who are these geniuses who keep buying up all the toilet paper?

Honorees who spoke to writer Glen Rosales for this edition shared that flexibility has been absolutely essential in leading through crisis, as has accepting that the pre-COVID way of doing business is over, at least for now.

Meanwhile, recipients of this year’s major awards – for Excellence, Leadership, Progress and Mentorship – described doubling down on what set their organizations apart. That includes investing in care for their clients (or patients), in their up-and-coming team members, and in their quality of product.

Honorees from this year’s program were nominated over a several-week period, and lead businesses in the healthcare, food service, nonprofit, public relations, business services, construction, hair and beauty, health and wellness, legal, real estate and STEM industries.

All have plenty of challenges left to face for the rest of this year, and in the years to come. So for now, press pause on all the pandemic-related strife and take a moment to join the Journal in congratulating this year’s Top CEOs – and the staff members they lead.